Sponsorship is a conditional financial support rendered to the children staying in a recognized/unrecognized child care institution and can be restored to their families or extended families and the children who are rescued from difficult circumstances (e.g child labor, sexual abuse, victim of trafficking) with their families to prevent further exploitation may be awarded sponsorship and the children of families living in extreme conditions of deprivation or exploitation to enable the child to remain in his/her family.

Financial Provision

  1. Rs. 2000 per child per month for maximum 2 children per family subject to revision in norms from time to time.

  2. Duration – Maximum up to “Three” years or up to 18 years, whichever is earlier other than exceptional circumstances. The term of the sponsorship will be decided by the Sponsorship and Foster Care Approval Committee (SFCAC).

Role of District Child Protection Unit

  1. All application will be routed through District Child Protection Unit to avail sponsorship.

  2. Different documentation such as Individual Care Plan (ICP), Home Study Report (HSR) and Counselling records will be ensured.

  3. Facilitating to enroll in anganwadi/school for education of the child.

  4. Assist to open a Bank Account for online money transfer.

  5. Conduct follow-up to ensure effective mainstreaming.

Role Sponsorship Foster Care Approval Committee (SFCAC)

  1. SFCAC has been formed in every district.

  2. The committee shall assess the sustainability of sponsorship through verifying the documents.

  3. It will recommend the tenure of sponsorship.

  4. Monitoring and review of sponsorship will be done by the committee too.

Child Welfare Committee

  1. Child Welfare Committee under JJ (C&PC) Act issues Order of Sponsorship Placement.

Condition for Termination of Sponsorship

  1. When the child achieves the 18 years of age.

  2. When the parent/family’s economic position has improved and parent/extended family does not require sponsorship for meeting the educational needs of their child/children.

  3. The child has stopped going to school/anganwadi (except in special instances of disability or illness of the child which shall be verified by the DCPU). At least 75% attendance in anganwadi centre/school is necessary.

  4. In case both parents suddenly become incapacitated or unfit to look after the child.

  5. Child has been institutionalised at CCI.

  6. It is found that sponsorship fund is being diverted and not being used for the overall development of the child.

  7. The child is continuously deliberately being neglected by the family/extended family.