After Care

The Juvenile Justice Act provides for an After Care Program for children without family or other support who leave institutional care after they attain 18 years of age to sustain themselves during the transition from institutional to independent life. The objective of this after care program is to enable such children to adapt to the society and to encourage them to move away from an institution based life.

DCPU shall identify suitable voluntary organizations that will run such After Care Programs. These organisations shall formulate an after-care program for these children for a period of three years in accordance with the provision laid down under the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act 2000 and its rules developed by central and state governments. Some of the key components may include:

(i) Community group housing on a temporary basis for groups of 6-8 young persons;

(ii) Encouragement to learn a vocation or gain employment and contribute towards the rent as well as the running of the home;

(iii) Encouragement to gradually sustain themselves without state support and move out of the group home to stay in a place of their own after saving sufficient amount through their earnings;

(iv) Provision for a peer counsellor to stay in regular contact with these groups to discuss their rehabilitation plans and provide creative outlets for channelizing their energy and to tide over the crisis periods in their lives;

(v) Providing stipend during the course of vocational training until the youth gets employment;

(vi) Arranging loans for youths aspiring to set up entrepreneurial activities;

Based on the case to case basis, a JJB/CWC can order placement of a juvenile/child in the after-care program. The JJB/CWC shall mark a copy of the order to the DCPU for arranging after-care for the juvenile/child as per the provisions laid down under the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act 2000 and respective State Rules under the Act. The SCPS shall in turn release grants up to a maximum of @Rs.2000 per child per month to the organisation running the aftercare program based on the individual needs of every child. This amount shall include basic needs of the child/youth including food, clothing, health care and shelter; age appropriate and need based education and vocational training; stipend; and any other requirements.

The funds for managing the Aftercare Program are being provided to the SCPS at the State level, based on the number of districts in the State as given below:

i) States with less than 15 districts: Rs 15 lakhs

ii) States with more than 15 districts: Rs 30 lakhs

iii) States with more than 30 districts: Rs 45 lakhs

The financial support to be provided for Non-Institutional Care through After Care Program is given in Annexure-I (Table 5.2, S.N. 12).