1. To facilitate and operate in an additional marginal and technical capacity to the W & CD Deptt., Govt. of Odisha for the implementation of Integrated Child Protection Scheme (ICPS) in the State;
  2. Set up DCPS in all the districts;
  3. Establish and strengthen a continuum of services for emergency outreach institutional care, family and community based care counseling and support services;
  4. Put in place, activate and strengthen necessary structures and mechanisms for effective implementation of the scheme at the state and district levels;
  5. Define and set standards of all services including the functioning of statutory bodies;
  6. Build capacities of all functionaries including administrators and service providers, at all levels working under the ICPS by establishing partnerships with relevant State and National Agencies;
  7. Ensure that members of allied systems including local bodies, police, judiciary and other concerned departments of state governments are sensitized and trained to undertake responsibilities under the ICPS;
  8. Create mechanisms for a child protection date management system including MIS Resource Directory and child tracking system at the district and state level for effective implementation and monitoring of child protection services in the State;
  9. Undertake research and documentation in the area of child protection through DCPS;
  10. Build capacities of families and community at the district levels for effective implementation and monitoring of child protection services in the State;
  11. Create and promote preventive measures to protect children from situations of vulnerability, risk and abuse;
  12. Identification of vulnerable children and resource mapping for proper implementation of ICPS;
  13. Coordinate and network with all allied systems i.e. Government departments and Non-Government agencies providing support and services for children and effective convergence required for proper implementation of the scheme;
  14. Educate public on child rights and protection;
  15. Raise public awareness at all levels on situation and vulnerabilities of children and families;
  16. Facilitate, access and utilization by all stakeholders and public at large of available child protection services, schemes and structures at all levels;