State Adoption Resource Agency (SARA)

For the proper implementation of the Adoption Regulations 2017, State Government has setup State Adoption Resource Agency (SARA) under State Child protection Society to act as a nodal body within the State to coordinate, monitor and develop the work of Adoption and Non-Institutional care in coordination with CARA.

As per the Adoption Regulations 2017, the State Adoption Resource Agency shall perform the following functions, namely:-

  1. recommend for recognition to one or more of the Child Care Institutions as Specialised Adoption Agencies in each district;

  2. publish the contact details of Specialised Adoption Agency in the State at least once in a year;

  3. recommend renewal of recognition to Specialised Adoption Agency every five years subject to satisfactory performance;

  4. conduct meetings of Specialised Adoption Agencies on quarterly basis for addressing issues related to adoption and uploading the minutes of such meetings in the Child Adoption Resource Information and Guidance System;

  5. inspect and monitor adoption programme and activities of all Specialised Adoption Agencies within its jurisdiction;

  6. identify Child Care Institutions which are not recognised as Specialised Adoption Agencies and link them to Specialised Adoption Agencies for enabling and facilitating adoption of eligible children in such institutions, in pursuance of the provisions under section 66 of the Act;

  7. enforce standards and measures for the adoption of orphan, abandoned and surrendered children, as envisaged under the Act or the rules made there under and these regulations;

  8. identify Specialised Adoption Agencies or Child Care Institutions which have the capacity to provide quality care and treatment on a long term basis to special need children including children affected or
    infected by HIV/AIDS and mentally or physically challenged children, and facilitate transfer of such children to these agencies;

  9. expedite de-institutionalisation of children through adoption and other non-institutional alternatives;

  10. take measures that are required for expansion of the adoption programme in the State, such as, strengthening the knowledge base, research and documentation, strengthening child tracking system, training and capacity building activities, publicity and awareness activities, advocacy and communication, monitoring and evaluation;

  11. validate the data furnished online in the Child Adoption Resource Information and Guidance System by the Child Welfare Committees in the State, in pursuance of the provisions of sub section (5) of section 38 of the Act;

  12. ensure furnishing of correct adoption data and documents in the Child Adoption Resource Information and Guidance System by the Specialised Adoption Agency, in the format and periodicity as specified in these regulations and validating the same;

  13. furnish or update in the Child Adoption Resource Information and Guidance System, the profile of the Specialised Adoption Agency as required under sub section (2) of section 65 of the Act;

  14. update the contact details of the District Child Protection Units, Child Welfare Committees and State Adoption Resource Agency online in the Child Adoption Resource Information and Guidance
    System on regular basis;

  15. maintain a State-specific database in Child Adoption Resource Information and Guidance System of adoptable children, prospective adoptive parents, children given in in-country and inter-country

  16. ensure that all adoption placements in the State are done in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Act, rules made there under and these regulations;

  17. Liaise with the other Child Care Institutions to facilitate more children coming into the adoption system;

  18. carry out such other functions as assigned by the Authority from time to time.

Integrated Child Protection Scheme (ICPS) also endorse the above functions of SARA to support CARA in promoting in-country adoption and regulating inter-country adoption as a unit under the State Child Protection Society (SCPS) to co-ordinate, monitor and develop the work of adoption and render secretarial and administrative assistance to the State Adoption Advisory Committee (SAAC). Also, SARA shall liaison with DCPU at District Level and provide technical support to the Child Welfare Committees in carrying out the process of rehabilitation and social reintegration of all children through sponsorship, foster care & adoption.